XiRA Corporation

XiRA is a leading technology integrator providing advanced solutions in the telecommunication field with exclusive ties to some of the top technology providers in the world.
With over 25 years of expertise in providing localized solutions and introducing state-of-the-art systems and networks, XiRA is one of the top solution providers in the Middle East.
Through XiRA, manufacturing and supplying partners have entered regional markets and soon enjoyed market realization as well as leadership. With dedicated and professional teams, XiRA supports its customer base through marketing, sales, systems installation and after-sales support.

What We do


The Mitel MiVoice Business phone system is designed to meet the needs of businesses from 5 to 65,000 users, whether they have a single site or multi-site networks that span the globe. 
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Call Center

MiVoice Contact Center Enterprise provides support for large contact centers and provides all forms of communications including voice, e-mail, Web chat, and fax. Read more ...


XiRA Technical Support is about customers having access to a team of technical support professionals that provide high quality and efficient service and post-sale product support.
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Xira is the trusted partner of enterprises and governments worldwide, providing solutions to deliver voice, data, video communication services  and contact center to end-users. 

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IP Phone

Mitel offers a comprehensive line of IP desktop devices; everything from affordable phones to sophisticated IP phones and devices with conference units and attendant consoles, etc.
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XiRA has implemented more Call Centers than anyone else in the Middle east. Tehran Province water and waste water (122) and Iran Insurance are XiRA's latest successful lunch of advanced Call Centers.
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Our Brands

These are the brands we offer

Super bright colors
3K video



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