XiRA offers services that span from planning, implementation to integration and implementation of telecommunication projects, providing complete solutions for communications customers. Staffed with highly skilled professional employees brings a single point of contact to every project.
XiRA offers a turnkey solution that enables a customer to go to market sooner with a fully functional network. The commissioning & integration service offered by XiRA is focused on customer service and reliability.
XiRA works in multiple technology environments, some of which include: TDM switching equipment as well as Voice over IP (VOIP), SONET/SDH transport, DWDM, IP routing and DSL.  We also support an extensive list of OEM equipment to provide this service in addition to XiRA's own designed and manufactured systems. Combination of on-board engineers, installers, and maintenance staff brings every project to conclusion with customer satisfaction.

Professional Services

Concept Assessment

The first step starts with the clients view into the project which is usually inspired by some goal oriented considerations. In all large scale projects comprehensive preliminary planning is required to establish several alternatives which could logically fulfill the expected requirements of the customer.
More extensive technical and/or economic feasibility studies could then be performed to help select the best-suited alternative.

Feasibility Studies

The goal is to insure that the planned project will combine an adequate technical solution with maximum return. That is, apart from meeting the technical requirements the recommended alternative must simultaneously satisfy the given financial restraints and economic criteria. 

To that end, application of economic analysis and forecasting methods should clarify the following:

  • Estimated foreseeable demands
  • Accurate cost forecasting and an integrated system of costs estimate incorporating the various project inflation rates
  • Project financing and alternative domestic-international participation, financial and credit availability planning.
  • Invoicing of the project in different currencies estimated
  • Appraisal of returns on capital invested

Basic & Detailed Design

XiRA has the experience and expertise to perform the basic and/or detail engineering required for projects ranging from small expansion or simple modification of small telecommunication sites to the design of large scale and sophisticated telecommunication networks. The engineering services offered for any particular project may include, the execution of any one or a combination of the following activities and services:

  • Telecom paging equipment layout
  • Telecom interconnection block diagram
  • Telecom main cable route drawings
  • Telecom room equipment layout
  • Site location, route selection survey
  • Material equipment specification
  • Calculations
  • Telecom installation specification
  • Equipment selection
  • Telecom material take off
  • Operating and maintenance manuals
  • Equipment manuals

Tendering Services

Preparation of tender documents and contract award administration forms is yet another crucial area of consulting services. The long and often tedious tendering procedure, bid evaluation, negotiations and selection of qualified contractors require competent legal, business and technical advice.
XiRA is particularly qualified to work closely with clients through this process and provide them with professional advice and consultation to insure success.Such services include but not limited to the following:

  • Appraising contractors capabilities
  • Issuing preliminary invitation to tender
  • Preparation of legal documents including appropriate conditions of contract
  • Preparation of material and equipment specifications and other relevant bid documents
  • Bid evaluation and selection of tender
  • Negotiations with prospective contractors
  • Contract management services

Project Control

One of the more critical elements in completing a project on time and on budget is effective project planning and management. More projects have missed their target due to lack of proper project management than any other reason, resulting in delay and increased cost. Sophisticated scheduling requirements of large scale projects are indeed intended to ensure efficient delivery, installation and problem-free commissioning as well as on-time payment.  Knowledge of design techniques, critical path theory, optimization methods and other monitoring techniques are the basis for systematic project control and supervision.  At XiRA, efficient programming systems and pragmatic attitudes are combined to develop realistic programs for projects.

Supervision Of Installation

XiRA's technical staffs are able to perform supervisory and management functions independently or in cooperation with the client's personnel for the installation/commissioning phase of projects.The size and composition of supervisory teams depend on the nature of projects and the requirements of the client. XiRA's expert supervisor managers will initially discuss such requirements with the client before the supervisory team is put together.

Systems Integration

XiRA provides a variety of services for customers delivering voice, video and internet/data over wireless and wire line networks. We provide integration services to customers in many market areas, including wireless service providers, multiple system/cable operators, local exchange carriers, inter-exchange/global carriers, alternative carriers and original equipment manufacturers. XiRA's experience includes switching (central office and PABX), transmission equipment as well as access devices.
Increase revenues, decrease capital costs, improve service delivery; we share the same goals as our customers at XiRA. Project success is measured in terms of cycle times, budget containment and zero defects, just as communications providers do.
XiRA's systems integration team is an extension of the communications provider's own organization. We offer a complete suite of services for turnkey solutions or the opportunity to pick and choose services to complete programs and projects successfully. XiRA's highly skilled resources, best practices, and project management ensure speed of deployment and reduced operational costs regardless of product, technology or manufacturer.

Networks Installation

XiRA can provide the required services for the installation, commissioning and start-up phase for a broad variety of telecommunication equipment including switching, access, transmission and data networking systems.
XiRA installers/commissioners are strategically located across the region. Our industry professionals are trained, qualified and/or certified on various technologies for deployments in the wire line, wireless and cable environments.
All XiRA installers/commissioners are equipped with the appropriated job-specific tools and test equipment to ensure the job goes right the first time every time.
With over 12 years of experience in the services business, XiRA ensures that when our installers/commissioners arrive on site the instructions, procedures, drawings, and material are ready for successful project completion.

The XiRA teams normally arrive at the job-site shortly before construction is completed to undertake the following :

  • Check if the construction work is completed based on telecommunication drawings
  • Ensure that all supplementary equipment and supporting services and utilities are completed
  • Start physical installation job and to finish it base on the international and local standards
  • Check each system to make sure that it is properly installed
  • Check all test records to verify that all systems have been properly tested
  • Verify that all safety provisions are duly observed and the proper equipment are available in good operating condition
  • Plan the system commissioning based on the client's requirements have foreseen on the design
  • Start the commissioning steps of each system in an orderly and efficient manner
  • Modify the planned commissioning procedures and advise corrective plans when required
  • Systems startup and put into operation
  • Train the operating personnel in the start up and commissioning procedures so that each individual is familiarized with his job and responsibilities.
Service Features :
  • Experienced in central office, PABX, transmission and access equipment
  • Installation specifications become an mop (method of procedure)document for customer review prior to starting any work
  • Installations are completed to the customer's required workmanship standards
  • Regular project status reporting is inherent in our installation processes
  • In-process and final quality audits are conducted for every installation project XiRA performs
  • The final project documentation package typically includes, quality audit results, test results, digital photos and as-built drawings, per customer requirements

Systems Maintenance

The Maintenance Services unit of XiRA provides high quality, standardized and cost-effective telecommunication network maintenance services for a wide range of Telecommunication and Software Solutions. XiRA's strengths are in expertise of its engineers, their wide range of specialized skills and their continually developed customer-oriented approach.
XiRA provides on-site and off-site system monitoring 24x7 in addition to special on-going maintenance services crafted to meet specific customer needs  Monitoring includes “up/down” and alarm status of network equipment, routine maintenance checks, capacity and performance of selected equipment, and preventive maintenance.  XiRA can coordinate responses to actions with the customer, carriers, or take direct action depending on the details of the service level agreement ( SLA ).

XiRA’s Maintenance Contracts commits XiRA associate's dedication to providing the highest standards of customer service and plays an important part in a true business partnership. Our clients include large utility companies and the major industrial plants utilizing large private networks.
XiRA is acknowledged for its proactive approach and varied skill set which allows it to provide a complementary set of services such as: routine maintenance, electronic boards repair work, testing services through XiRA's support call center.
All XiRA regional partner companies have a wealth of expertise in relevant fields.


XiRA conducts training courses in various disciplines of Telecommunications and Information Technology. 
XiRA can also design and conduct courses for organizations in the related fields of Telecommunications to meet their specific needs, conducts short duration seminars and workshops in High Technology areas with assistance from foreign experts wherever required.
Have you registered but would like to brush up or understand the fundamentals before you take the class? Sign up NOW for one of the following fundamental courses.
We encourage you to take the assessment test prior to signing up for the course to point out your strengths and show you areas that you need to focus on. Many times you take a technical course and feel as though your classmates know more than you.

Our courses are designed to take you through the basics of the course so you are ready to jump right in when you attend the class.
For understanding our courses download file below.

XiRA has excellent facilities for training. The lecture rooms at the XiRA dedicated training center are equipped with modern teaching aids. Emphasis is given on simulation of conditions existing in the work environment. Hands-on training on systems is encouraged. CBT packages are available for self paced learning.
XiRA has well equipped laboratories/model exchanges for Training in switching systems. The facilities include switching systems laboratories equipped with MITEL SX2000 Light and Micro light, MITEL 3300 ICP VOIP Platform.

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